install vmtool on vsphere

Install vmtools on a Debian Linux in vSphere 6.5

First you will need to mount the CD-ROM. See my post then return back here.

Once you access the cdrom you should see the file VMwareTools-10.1.10-6082533.tar.gz (file name may vary in version number).

So the extract the file first copy it to a location.

# cd /tmp

(move to the directory so you know where you are going to put the file)

# mkdir vmtools

(create a directory in the /tmp location)

# cd ..

# cd /media/cdrom

cp VMwareTools-10.1.10-6082533.tar.gz /tmp/vmtools/vmtools.tar.gz

Now check the file has been copied over to the locaton.

# cd ..

# cd ..

# cd /tmp/vmtools

# ls

(You should see the file vmtools.tar.gz)

Now lets extract the file.

# tar -zxvf VMwareTools-version.tar.gz

If you now do a ls to list you should see a directory

# vmware-tools-distrib

# cd vmware-tools-distrib

# ./

Or just install direct from apt-get.

# apt-get install open-vm-tools