Ansible GNS3 Cisco Network Automation

This is a demonstration of how Ansible can be configured to collect interface data from 5 Cisco Routers.

Part 1 = 3 minutes

Part 2 = 28 minutes


1. Introducing the topology.

This recording introduces the network topology of the Ansible server and the Cisco routers. The demonstartion uses the GNS3 application to setup a basic router topology and the Ansible appliance.

2. Using Ansible in GNS3 with Cisco Routers.

This recording demonstartes how a basic Ansible setup is configured. The video then goes into the required files and how they relate to each other. A demonstration to ping routers indervidually and then ping them as a group. The final Playbook uses 4 Tasks to save the interface details of the routers to a specified directory.