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IT services to Companies,  Design Agencies, and Charities.


Discovery is an essential part where we discuss with you your digital direction. We design layouts and create templates suitable for you to be able to see how things work. This is like framework to give you a functional and visual representation of work in progress.

We present to you a solution which is a creative and practical – which will enable you to make clearer decision about your digital strategy and how we can work together. We are forward thinking so build in options for growth at an early stage.

At this stage we do begin to refine some features such as menu’s, colour schemes, logo positions. Most decisions on the look, feel and functionality are made in this stage. Once this stage is complete we intend to have a clearly itemised design brief contract so we have a common understanding of what we intend to produce for you.

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Projects constantly evolve as technology, trends and opportunities arise. Opportunities present themselves through a constant development process. We design a system which we can update and evolve with you as your needs develop. We appreciate that you may have specific needs to be fulfilled and we can often work as a technical intemediatry to achieve your desired result.

We have specialist people we can enlist to advise on specialist areas such as SEO (Search Engine Optimisation), Social Media, PPC (Pay Per Click), and bespoke integration processes.

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If you have a Vision we will help you to turn it into reality.

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Installing Magento for the very first time can be a daunting task. Steps must be taken before you even consider installing. The LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, Php) stack is generally considered the standard. However some consider the Nginx web server to be faster. Which ever route you take having a plan is necessary. This blog takes a look at installing Magento in both a production live environment and also looks at installing Magento for test purposes.

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