Boomdata works on WordPress and Magento platforms for individuals, companies, charities and organisations.  Our aim is to harness the power of these platforms and make it easier for your organisation to focus on your aims and have a web platform that works for your organisation.

We are focused on installation and configuration, back end administration to utilise front end user experience. We create websites from scratch, install themes and plugins, maintenance and administration, technical training and user training of the eCommerce Magento and WordPress solutions.

Raspberry Pi Getting Started tutorial

If you want to get up and running with your Rasperry Pi this ‘Getting Started’ tutorial will lead you through the basics. Getting you started with the Rasperry Pi 2.

Getting Started Tutorial

The Raspberry Pi Getting Started Tutorial

  • MicroSD Card
  • Formatting the card
  • Download a image
  • Transfer image to card
Lets go !

Estate Agent Profile UK /

If you want to get up and running with a estate agent website look no further.

Property Profile Website

Estate Agent Profile

  • Full control over the content
  • Manage the propertry listings
  • You make content changes
  • Phone / iPad / Desktop

Property agent website

Lets go !
wordpress logo
  • Wordpress

  • Consultation
  • Design & Development
  • e-mail accounts
  • Specialist customisation
  • IT Support
  • Support tickets per month.
  • Additional support

    Start up +

  • £1350


  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • Yes
  • 20 per month
magento logo
  •   Magento

  • Amount of spaceAmount of space
  • Bandwidth per monthBandwidth per month
  • No. of e-mail accountsNo. of e-mail accounts
  • No. of MySql databasesNo. of MySql databases
  • 24h support24h support
  • Support tickets per mo.Support tickets per mo.
  • starter

  • £3648

    per website

  • Amount of space10GB
  • Bandwidth per month100GB
  • No. of e-mail accounts1
  • No. of MySql databases1
  • 24h supportno
  • Support tickets per mo.10
  • standard

  • £4730

    per website

  • Amount of space30GB
  • Bandwidth per month200GB
  • No. of e-mail accounts10 accounts under one domain10
  • No. of MySql databases10
  • 24h supportyes
  • Support tickets per mo.30
  • exclusive

  • £5690

    per website

  • Amount of space100GB
  • Bandwidth per month500GB
  • No. of e-mail accounts50
  • No. of MySql databases50
  • 24h supportyes
  • Support tickets per mo.50